Team BIO

Graffic Jam was founded by five friends who, by a couple of strokes of luck, found themselves coming together to start a production business. Jake Ferguson and Jacob Steenson were two film producers who graduated from ECU together and both had a passion for live music. Patrick Nielsen and Josh Hennessy had known each other for years, before they found themselves in the same audio class at SAE in Perth. Jacob and Josh had worked together at Clancys Fish Pub, and had often talked of collaborating on a project.


In early 2018, Patrick floated the idea of starting a live music video channel for local musicians. It would be filmed in Pat’s lounge room and be called Lounge Room Sessions. As luck would have it, Josh mentioned this idea to Ben Taaffe, after running into him at Late Night Valentine (now Si Paradiso). Ben was the venue coordinator of YMCA HQ, and offered an opportunity to work together. Within days the idea had transformed into filming local emerging artists, and youth bands who play on the Sweet Oblivion lineup at YMCA HQ.


It quickly became clear that local musicians seldom have high quality videos to show off their live performance. This lead Graffic Jam to start their first project: Sound Check. Sound Check aimed to provide live video clips of local musicians on stage, which would help them to showcase their music in a setting that would attract viewers to their live shows. Pat and Josh made this their SAE major project, which is when hilarious graphic designer, Mikey Couch, joined the team.


Graffic Jam has since moved into producing video clips, live recordings of gigs, festival coverage, merchandise, album artwork and recording studio releases out of Loop Recording Studios in West Perth. Its second project, Live Sessions, features personalised films of live tracked songs to suit the needs of the artists who feature in them. While the Graffic Jam team is more than happy to do a project with interstate and international acts travelling through Perth, their main objective is to shine a light on the wealth of talent in the Western Australian music scene. Sound Check remains Graffic Jam’s perpetual project to help emerging artists get quality content to show off their music without breaking their piggy banks.