In THE Loop

W/ Graffic Jam


In The Loop is music based podcast from the creators of Graffic Jam. It is a weekly podcast about all things music, including whats happening here in Perth, nationally & internationally. The crew will give be giving insights on whats been happening and whats to come. Toasty Tunes will be joining them each week to keep updated on upcoming live and local gigs.


Toasty Tunes

In The Loop will be associated with Keeley Connolly who drops by to tell us about Toasty Tunes - a new gig guide & playlist designed to help local artists promote their gigs!

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Loop Studios

Thanks to Loop Recording Studios in Perth for allowing us to record our podcast there.


Loop Studios is a recording studio based in Perth, with some of the industries top equipment and engineers.

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Loop Recording Studio,

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Loop Recording Studio