Meet the team


Josh is an audio engineer with a commerce background. His career is focused on putting these skills to use in the creative industry, helping with the production of Graffic Jam’s content and sorting out the pen pushing. He's passionate about the local music scene and strives to shine a light on the abundance of talent Western Australia has to offer.

Operations Manager

Joshua Hennessey


Pat's involvement in the music industry began as a musician, but his passion soon spread to the other side of the glass. As an active member of the scene, he's got a keen ear for emerging talent in the local scene. With an eager love of both music and sound, he's responsible for transforming our live recordings into polished mixes. 

Head Audio Engineer

Patrick Nielsen

Jacob is a passionate photographer and videographer, with particular interests in the local music industry, as well as documentary style work. He's one of our cinematographers and the host of Sound Check. The formation of our team has allowed Jacob to become part of Western Australia’s live music scene at a very exciting time and he is looking forward to collaborating with more artists.  

Executive Producer

Jacob Steenson


Jake's passion for live music and local talent began when he was part of a two person team to establish 'Live at the Garage,’ a project which aimed to give exposure to emerging artists. After graduating with a film degree, he and Jacob founded ‘Dual Pixel,’ which has a strong focus on short promotional content. This business venture compliments the current partnership with Graffic Jam, which allows Jake to pursue his passion for music.

Director of Photography

Jake Ferguson


Mikey has a passion for all things design. He's responsible for all Graffic Jam branding, as well as promotional graphics, album art and designing merchandise for artists.


"How do you summarise yourself professionally whilst trying to be fun without it sounding like a tinder bio. I'm not too sure, but what I am sure about is Design."

Chief of Design

Mikey Couch